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So You think your life was not enough ? (1/?)

Title : So you think your life was not enough ?
Pairing : Kyungsoo/Jongin
Genre : Supernatural!au, slight angst, romance
Rating : PG-13 (NC-17 in later chapters)
Words : 3700
Summary : Sometimes Kyungsoo thinks his life isn't worth living because of how boring it is, but maybe he should've wondered if he was ready for powers to encounter said boring life. Oh, that's without forgetting that golden boy driving him insane.

Chapter 1 : Everything has to change

He slowly turned his eyes looking out by the window, the sky was covered in thick black clouds, showing how soon the rain would probably fall on their heads and make them all wet. Nice, he hated the rain, he obviously didn’t need it while going back home after such a boring day at school. Being forced to walk through all those people trying to get away from the rain and home wasn’t exactly his idea of fun. He sighed, closing his eyes for some seconds, leaving the darkness get a hold of everything around him. Everything was boring, the math class he was attending right now, filled with people not understanding anything, the teacher never able to keep the same subject for two minutes. Couldn’t his life give him something exciting for once? Something else than those days, all written before he could even walk through them.

“Mister Do.” A voice he would have liked not to hear rang into his ears some feet away from him. Marvelous, now he would have the teacher on his back. Again. He opened his eyes, his cheeks becoming pink against his will, thanks to his pale complexion. He couldn’t bear having the attention of everyone on him, and right now it was the case. Kyungsoo didn’t notice the charming teacher was only one meter away, now looking down at him with some disgust as he always did when talking to Kyungsoo. “Is my class so boring you feel the need to sleep through it?” Mister Kim continued his reprimand, but Kyungsoo had stopped paying him attention, hearing only his angry tone. Instead his eyes were on the students around him, smiling and mocking him silently. Why did he have to be here? He would have given everything to get out of this room and dig a hole for himself.

The young man cut his teacher’s speech, trying to hide his embarrassment as usual. “I’m sorry mister Kim, I won’t do it again.” Simple, but clear. His teacher, who had lifted his hand while talking brought it down slowly, looking surprised by his student’s intervention. Passing a hand in his hair, he walked to the front of the room, mumbling his annoyance at his students.

Kyungsoo sighed again before looking back at the window, judging the mass of people walking on the street. Some were obviously stressed, walking fast, while others seemed like nothing was wrong in this world. The first droplets finally began to fall, hitting the glass in front of him. They were forming small designs he noticed in a distracted way. A light smile appeared on his full lips, noticing how all the pedestrians were suddenly walking faster. Not even one could be indifferent as the sky was pouring its tears on them, each one of them were trying to find a place to stay dry. No one… maybe he needed to readjust this statement now that he could see him. There was a young man standing in the middle of the sidewalk. He wasn’t moving, it was almost as if he didn’t notice the movement around him or the water pouring on his head. Nobody seemed to notice the boy with the golden skin, they were walking past him without even a look. How could he stay there without even reacting ?

Kyungsoo regretted to be on the second floor of his school, he would have been able to have a better view of this scene on the first. Those thoughts suddenly stopped when the strange man seemed to look up directly at him, his eyes fixed on his window, well actually it was the sensation he had but it was impossible right ? Kyungsoo tried to swallow not able to look elsewhere, he didn’t know why he began to feel discomfort while it was obviously his mind tricking him. Though, his discomfort only grow when he saw a smile appearing onto the man’s face in a knowing way. Kyungsoo didn’t have any ideas how he should react to this, was he really looking at him ? He was about to look away, beginning to feel too uncomfortable into this, when suddenly the boy disapeared in front of his eyes. Totally. Leaving nothing behind him.

“Wait! It’s impossible?” he was sure that someone was there a second ago, he didn’t have the time to look elsewhere or blink.

“Can I know since when a circle’s diameter became impossible mister Do?” The angry tone was back into his teacher’s voice, taking him back to reality. He noticed how he just jumped out of his chair while exclaming himself aloud, he tried to slutter some excuses without much success. “I don’t want to hear anything, get out of my class, come back when you’ll know how to act properly.” The strict tone didn’t leave him much place to answer back and he knew it. He began to take his stuff, trying to ignore how all his classmates were laughing or exchanging comments on the strange student of their class, while he walked to the door. His cheeks were burning as he heard mister Kim take back the control of the class, each one of his classmates stopping to look at him except for one as he exited the room.


No other homework seemed that hard for him now, even if it was only a simple grammatical exercise, one that he would usually have finished in some minutes. Kyungsoo rolled on his back, his head pressing in the soft blankets under him,. After the entertaining exit he had offered to his classmates, he had automatically took his way home finding nothing else to do inside his school, his last course having throw him out.

The rain had finally been in the back of his thoughts, all of them flying around the young man standing in the street. Now again, Kyungsoo was thinking about it, holding him from doing his homework. For an unknown reason, this boy had disturbed him, his posture, his presence, everything but essentially how he disappeared.

There must be an explanation to it, no one could disappear like that, but no matter how he would turn the events his his head, he was almost sure to not have turned his head or eyes, he was almost sure that he was there a second and the other not. Kyungsoo sighed passing a hand into his dark hair, scraching at the new shave on the side of it. He was angry at those thoughts, he didn’t want to think about such fantasies, he had way more important stuff to do.

Turning himself back on his stomach, he began to search into the tons of papers spread out on his bed trying to focus on the end of his homework,. He was already early in his schedule but he would like to finish them before working the next day. A small laugh escaped his lips facing the truth, it hadn’t been 10 minutes since he began his homework again and he couldn’t even throw the strange boy out of his mind.

“Is it fun to you?” Kyungsoo had now pushed his face into the mattress accepting his fate, he wouldn’t be able to continue anything for the night. He definitely had need of fresh air and it wasn’t in his bedroom that he would find it.

Still, he took the time to return all of his works, his notebooks and pens into his bag and his unused desk. He walked to his wardrobe choosing his most comfy sweater he liked to go out in, it wasn't cold and was comfortable enough to think he was in security in his bed. His gaze went to the small alarm clock on his desk, 19:30, early. What was funny is that his mother wouldn’t let him out at this time, he would have to get outside by his window again. Taking care to close the light of his room, Kyungsoo climb out of his window. He took a piece of eraser from his pocket slidding it under the wood and the glass. Like this, it wouldn’t close while he’s gone. Kyungsoo apologized silently to his mother before walking past the garden, straight to the alley behind his home.


He was often grateful to live near the town center, like this he could walk into some well enlightened streets with some coffee shops still opened in the evening. This had become some kind of routine for him since a week or two, his mother had the exaspering tendency to keep him into the house when he wasn’t at school or working. She was afraid of his father’s reactions or his actions most of the time. The only one she could rely on was Kyungsoo, something he understood but he also knew his father wouldn’t be home before 22:00 and that his mother would be sleeping by then.

A tiny smile stretched his lips when he noticed a young man kneeling in front of a child and a dog. He stopped for an instant, taking his time to observe the moment in front of him. The man on the other side of the street was back to him offering some kind of cookie to the dog, and holding right after some candies to the girl under the protecting gaze of her mother. The girl began to tap into her hands happily. If it wasn’t for the fresh air, he would go out for this reason instead, for such little events. The woman began to walk again, giving Kyungsoo the hint that it was time to move on, but one small detail hold him on the spot.

“It’s... you’re kidding me right ?” The words got stuck in his throat as the stranger got up, turning his head in Kyungsoo’s direction a teasing smile on his lips. It was like he was aware of the joke pulled on Kyungsoo. He had a perfect golden skin tone, some keen eye and full lips showing off their confidence.

He couldn’t believe that right ? It was impossible. He couldn’t believe that he was that close to the man he saw earlier that day. The man that shook him and was now in his every thoughts. It would be simple to walk to the other side of the road and talk to him, he only had to do that and maybe he would get some answers to his questions. Maybe even the man would look at him strangely and tell him he was crazy. He took a step in his direction before rapidly stopping. “Don’t be stupid Kyungsoo, this man doesn’t know you, he has no idea who you are” Even with his thoughts telling him this, the look the man was giving him could totally make him think the opposite.

Seeing him finally turning his head and starting to walk, without even changing his expression, Kyungsoo tried to give himself courage. He started to jog into the boy’s direction, avoiding some cars in the way. “Sorry!” He tried to call him, when suddenly he noticed it wasn’t a walk anymore, but some kind of pursuit. Now he was almost certain, the man had seen him from the window, why would he run if it wasn’t because of it? Though again, why would he run ?

Not thinking anymore, he tried to avoid everyone on the side of the street. He was seriously almost running now. Kyungsoo knew that what he was currently doing was… weird, who would run after a perfect stranger after all ? He couldn’t hold himself though, it was like something was pulling at him to go foward. “I need to prove myself there is something behind it, some kind of explanation. After I’ll be able to go on with my boring life.”

The young man finally turned his head to look at him, still wearing his mocking smile as he took the alley next to him. He felt some kind of relief knowing that this alley was a dead end. Some seconds later he was turning into it himself, alone. He was alone. “No, no, no, no. It can’t be !” Any bit of triumph had vanish from his expression, he left himself lays against the brick wall, taking back his breath and his thoughts.

What if all of this was in his head? What if in fact he was finally becoming crazy? What if that man, that pursuit, that fascination he had, was only in his mind ? Something he wanted so badly, something not boring happening in his life, the creation of his mind. After all, wasn’t he thinking about his boring life a second before the apparition of the man ?

He passed a hand against his face, whipping the sweat covering his skin. Closing his eyes, Kyungsoo took a good breath “Come on, stop this and go home.” Sighing, he went out of the alley, not wanting to stay there for too long at this time of the day. He began to walk again in his home direction, willing only a somnifere and a good night of sleep for himself.


It had slowly become more cold outside, only making him more comfortable in his sweatshirt. He tried to get his phone out of his pocket, willing to listen to some music while walking back home. His hand though, couldn’t hold it hearing a distinct toc when his phone hit the ground. Kyungsoo swear under his breath looking right in front of him, how was it even possible? The waiter serving at the terrace before him was similar or more correctly exactly looking the same as the man who just disappeared. He was slowly giving two young ladies two cups of a warm liquid, they were obviously attracted by the young man’s charm and confidence.

Kyungsoo was now sure that something wrong was happening, could he really imagine all of this by himself ? At this moment, he wasn’t able to understand anything. In fact, the young man shouldn’t have had the time to get to the coffee shop and dress as the waiter. Even more, he should have been in that dark and closed alley.

With a simple glance, his fear took the second place in his mind while the curiosity became again his first trigger. He had see provovation in those dark eyes, he was almost sure of it and he couldn’t let him go as he entered the shop away from Kyungsoo’s stare “I fucking need to talk to him.” He didn’t want to spend the next few weeks wondering about that person, he didn’t need anything like that, did he ? Well… it’s true that he was asking more out of life, but not some strange man making him think he was crazy.

He took some large steps to enter the shop without caring anymore about the two young ladies still talking about their handsome waiter. He needed to blink several times to adjust to the luminosity inside the room, but soon he began to look at every corners of it. Kyungsoo couldn’t hold the disapointement invading his chest while analizing each faces into the shop, he wasn’t looking at their clothes, having seen the man in three different outfits in one day… but still, no one was similar to him.

He couldn’t see him anywhere, and it must have been at least five minutes since he was standing in the middle of the coffee shop. He was staring at everyone in a suspicious way, like it was all their fault if this was happening to him. Kyungsoo could even feel the eyes of the barista on his neck, feeling uncomfortable and panicked with how he couldn’t find him. He turned around and walked to the casher, trying to hide how shy and stupid he was feeling. “uh.. excuse me, could you tell me where is the second waiter? The one that was serving some cups outside?” The girl seemed so confuse that he felt the need to go hide somewhere and take back his words. “I’m sorry, but.. I’m working alone tonight ?” She really tried to look like she was apologizing but he could still see the judgement behind her words. Seriously he wanted to be out of here, and this is exactly what he rapidly did.

Kyungsoo felt the fresh air hit his face in a welcomed way, he was burning inside, his cheeks probably red and his back moist. He passed the terrace without raising his eyes and turned to his left, lifting his chin at the good moment to avoid crashing into two walkers. He softly apologized, looking completely afraid of everything for a moment only walking past everyone and wanting to get home now.

He was walking so fast, that after some minutes he had to stop to take back his breath. Closing he eyes for a moment he tried to make himself relax, his body was stiff and he couldn’t breath properly. It was stupid since everything was in his head, he would like though that his mind stopped this trick on him. “So, the street is now a good place to sleep?” The voice. The voice was so close to his face and talking in a mild way almost... almost like the man was trying to make it sound sweet and appealing.

Without more thoughts Kyungsoo opened his eyes with surprise, some fear crushing his chest. He pushed the man while trying to get away from him, but since he didn’t have the time to look, he suddenly tripped on some garbage bags. Still, even lightheaded he turned around on the floor, seeing the man from earlier standing right in front of him, another smile on his lips. “Who are..” No time to finish his sentence, Kyungsoo saw the man disappear before his eyes without hiding.

He was not there anymore, at all. Kyungsoo was sure he was there a second before.

He got up quickly supporting himself on the wall, dark spots covering his vision. He was feeling sick, his heart beating too fast in his chest. Kyungsoo could feel it beat in his temple. He had the not so good impression of becoming crazy, completely insane. How could he see the same person, four times, disappearing. Nonsense. “I need to go home…”

Almost ten minutes later, while he was about to exit the town center his feet came to a stop again. He was everywhere.

The casher closing his door, the man at the corner of the street, the walker on the other side of the road, the young man giving a child some candies. He was everywhere, not at the same time, but at some seconds, some minutes away. Kyungsoo couldn’t handle it anymore and started to run, but even while trying to get to someplace where he wouldn’t be, he was there.

He began to feel sick all over again. Kyungsoo stopped his feet, supporting himself on the wall while he released everything he had eat for supper. His hand and legs were shaking together, having difficulty supporting his own weight.

A not so appreciable laugh rang at his ears, joyful, clearly mocking him. He didn’t dare to look up, by fear it would be him. “Did we play enough for the day?” Clearly, clearly amused “Fine, it’s rare I find someone to tease…” The man stopped his sentence quickly, leaving no sounds behind him.

Finally gattering courage, Kyungsoo lift his head looking around him. He was relieved to not see the man anywhere, still wondering why he had to stop so quickly in the middle of his sentence.

No one stopped for him in the street, too use to the drunk people being sick on the side of it.

“Kyungsoo?” Oh. Wait someone was talking to him obviously. He turned around trying to look natural, but who can look natural with some puke at his feet and an even more pale constitution than usually. Plus, his body was still shaking.

“Eeh” His eyes fell on someone he didn’t know, but soon the same voice raised again. “Kyungsoo? You alright? You seem a little lost to me.” The boy was smiling to him when he turned his eyes to him, big innocent eyes. “Luhan?”

Sincerely Kyungsoo didn’t really listened to him, he was more surprise by the fact he just encountered him… and that he spoke to him. “What are you doing here?” his glare went to the other boy at his side, he seemed cold without any tenderness Luhan was holding in his eyes.

“I was walking with Sehun!” Luhan smiled even more, showing the say Sehun with his finger, it seemed like he would have prefer to be anywhere else.

Luhan was some classmate of Kyungsoo, actually, the only one he liked a little bit and the only one that seemed to like him a little in exchange too. The others weren’t really fan of him, Kyungsoo was always trying to tell himself it wasn’t important anyway. This young man was adorable in fact, his innocent apparence beating records.

“uh... good. Anyway I need to go.” He interrupted his chinese friend in his explanation without wanting to, but he truly felt the need to go.

“I think you should come and sit somewhere with us instead.” Sehun finally spoke in a neutral and strict voice, he could have the impression of a father ordering his child around. He couldn’t see if he was younger than him, but he didn’t appreciate it much. “I live two streets from here.”

Kyungsoo shook his head, he didn’t have any idea what time it was and he wasn’t feeling real good. “No… no thank you, but I’ll go home now…” Without listening to him though, Luhan took his arm and began to pull him in some direction. “Come on, after a hot chocolate we’ll free you!”

Sighing, Kyungsoo decided to accept it for the moment, Luhan bringing him with too much joy. Thinking of it, he was cold and he could take some minutes to sit somewhere after all this.

Leaving with the others, he didn’t notice the fissures on the ground exactly where they were standing some seconds before.


Hi ! Thank you for reading this first chapter. Hope you will enjoy it enough to continue with me. Comments are always nice and welcomed <3
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